MY DAY: Presidents Day and a 1.2 walk

The mid-60s by Noon in Southwest Ohio. Not surprising since it IS Southwest Ohio. The temperatures are all over the place, as usual, and will be bouncing between the 60s and 23-degrees until next Monday.

I have not been able to walk the dogs for quite some time. This morning, I felt physically capable of making it happen. I knew walking all four, as in days of old, was out of the question so I broke them into two groups: Chief and Erma, Bailey and Harrigan.

Chief and Erma were dream-walkers and we made it to the corner of Lincoln Park Boulevard and back to The Haasienda without issue.

Bailey and Harrigan?

Well, we made it to the edge of our property and I turned to head back inside. The Sisters went wild and nearly dragged me through the yard. They had absolutely no command of themselves, and entirely ignored my verbal commands. I was pretty pissed. I may try it again, only one of them at a time.

Last Wednesday through Sunday were incredible days of researching and writing. So much was accomplished. Wednesday through Saturday, I managed to research, nap, write, nap, go out to lunch and dinner on Friday with Carol Chatfield and Laura Parker. And then, more research and writing. My sleeping hours were a bit turned upside down, but it felt good to be motivated and feel fresh to the task.

Today is one of my long teaching days and I am betting I will work in a nap before I begin teaching so I will have some energy to write after teaching.

Happy Presidents Day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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