MY DAY: Saturday fun!

I got to spend time with several of my favorite ladies, today, and it was such a terrific day.

From 2:00 PM – 4:00 PM, Karen McLain, Linda Utt, and I had a blend of history, culture, and delicious food at the John Patterson Homestead Victorian Tea.

The John Patterson Homestead, secured beneath the umbrella of Carillon Historical Park and Dayton History, offers this unique event several times throughout the year, and my first experience was a triumph. The 1860s costumed hosts and servers were outstanding and really made the event enjoyable and educational. Before each course, we learned about the food and a bit of history surrounding the food, the Patterson family, and the culture. It was outstanding.

I returned home, fed the dogs, and was out the door, again, with my bonus-sister, Laura, heading to the south edge of Centerville to eat at La Pinata.

Nearly a year ago, Laura lost her husband, Don, to esophageal cancer, rounding out a line of losses for both our families. The past ten months, especially after the quarantine relaxed, Laura and I have enjoyed near-weekly dinners (sometimes, several in one week) and attending plays, musicals, concerts, and other fun events. Mama Kay had already pulled me into the family, years ago, but Laura, and her younger brother, Michael, officially requested that I be considered their “brother.”

To commemorate this year, Laura gave me a Wright Flyer ornament and this cool T-shirt that is designed using every president’s inaugural address. So very neat!

Wednesday, Mama Kay, Laura, Lodde, and I spent a bit of time in downtown Dayton enjoying Christmas sites, as well as the Dayton Arcade before Mama Kay and I enjoyed the Kettering Civic Band’s concert.

Friday morning, Mama Kay, two of her friends, and I spent a wonderful hour at The Human Race Theatre’s Loft Theatre enjoying the artistry and humor of The Dayton Philharmonic’s Carillon Brass (quintet) for the annual “Bach’s Lunch.” Afterward, we lunched at Jimmy’s Italian Oven in Kettering.

This coming week is much lighter on the activity scale unless something comes up. I am still hoping to see the new WEST SIDE STORY movie and collect a few more visits to Carillon Park for the holiday festival.

And, with that, my busy, festive week is concluded.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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