MY DAY: Birthdays and other days

Last weeks rain and chilly spell socked it to me with the body’s adjustments to the changing weather. But, by the weekend, I was feeling up to my old self.

Saturday at 11:00 AM, Laura picked me up for one of the nicest leisurely treks through the countryside that ended up at Young’s Dairy. The new facility is outstanding and so nice in many ways. I loved it. After eating, we moved outside to the goats and barns.

We returned to Dayton via way of Wright State University to check out the flight fair. It was nice but very geared toward children and families. There was a potential moment of excitement with a helicopter… I didn’t try to start it up.

The best part was ending up at Menard’s. I had not been for several years and it was good to be back home. I refrained from acquiring several things but did spy a bottle of Red Gold ketchup which is headquartered in my home town of Elwood, Indiana, and I bought Erma two new “babies.”

We returned home in time for Mama Kay to give me my birthday hug at 6:03 PM to continue Mother’s traditional phone call or in person greeting. Then, we continued celebrating at La Piñata for dinner.

A few weeks prior to my birthday, my bonus sister, Jenny, and her husband, Jim, took me to dinner and presented me with this wonderful bust of Lincoln! It’s perfect for this table and for a cool image as folks pass by the house!

Sunday was the return to teaching and there were some absolute magical moments.

Today, I returned the window air conditioner in my study to the basement. I probably should have asked for assistance with this chore but neither I nor the window unit were injured. It just took more time and effort. Then, I finally mowed the front yard and I’m so pleased with the trim, manicured appearance. I’m sure there will be at least one more, maybe two more mowings before Fall really sets in.

After tossing in a large load of laundry I settled in at my desk to teach. During my break the laundry went on the line, I mopped the bathroom, ate a bite of supper, and returned to teaching.

And with Alter High School students in dress rehearsal for their upcoming production, I am done by 10:30 PM since my last students moved up.

The weather on the deck is just right. Before long I shall be bringing in the umbrellas and deck chairs. I do hate the thought of that.

On to the remainder of the evening of writing and continuing my wading through social media birthday greetings. I’m hoping I’ll be finished by Friday.

A delightful card from my bonus sister, Laura.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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