THE FAMILY ALBUM: The Saxon line

Sometimes, it is aggravating to research my priorities because I get trapped in genealogical rabbit holes.

Tonight, while reading up on my Ball ancestors, pioneers of Boone Township, Madison County, Indiana, and buried in Forretville Cemetery, I went back several more generations.

Mary McCrory married my 4th-great-grandfather, William W. Ball, and they lived on a farm directly north of Forrestville Cemetery after rounding the curve where once stood the hamlet of Forrestville, now long disappeared.

Mary McCrory’s parents were Robert McCrory (1801-1879) and Salina Margaret Saxon (1806-1879) from Fayette County, Indiana.

Salina’s parents were Alexander Saxon, born 11 Sep 1767 in Georgia; died 2 Dec 1844 in Fayette County, Indiana; and Mary Baldwin, born 1773; died 23 Jul 1855 in Fayette County, Indiana.

1767… my 6th great-grandfather was born a British subject.

Now, this is nothing new as I have traced countless lines of my family back to various European countries as far back as the 1100s. But, tonight, it just interested me that this Alexander Saxon was born and lived for nine years as a British subject.

There is a photograph of one of his sons, Alexander Gillespie Saxon and his wife, Margaret McCrory Saxon who was a sister to my 5th great-grandfather, Robert McCrory. There is also a photograph of their sons.

The nine generations of this line:

Alexander Saxon

Salina Saxon McCrory

Mary McCrory Ball

Prudence Ball Greenlee

Anna Greenlee Jones

Mary Belle Jones Clary

Donna Clary Barmes

Diana Barmes Jolliff | Haas

Darin Jolliffe-Haas

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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