THE FAMILY ALBUM: Pets of The Haasienda ~ Harrigan

My adult life has been enriched by the love of the pets who have lived with me.

Let me introduce my furry kiddos, past and present.


There always seems to be that one child who pushes a parent’s buttons, not so much from misbehavior but usually due to the child being a bit head strong and always believing they can be the parent.

This would be my Harrigan.

Now, before I launch into this, Harrigan is the best dog. She’s highly devoted, obedient, loving, affectionate, and is like the child you know would give you a kidney. However, we clash over her headstrong nature and her always wanting to be the lead dog.

Harrigan was named in honor of Nedda Harrigan Logan, the wonderful wife of my directing mentor, Joshua Logan (look them up!). Mrs. Logan’s father was Edward “Ned” Harrigan, the subject of George M. Cohan’s song, “Harrigan.” I hope Mrs. Logan would appreciate having a dog named in her honor, especially this particular pooch who surpasses the others in intellect, agility, talent, and utter devotion.

The first morning of arrival, I observed The Sisters with Chief in the backyard. Bailey went about her potty business. Harrigan followed Chief around the yard and when he hiked, she hiked. She eventually figured it out but it seemed to be a forecast of her need to lead.

The second morning after their adoption, a student’s mom who was also a veterinarian said she went up to the gate where Chief and the two baby Sisters sat. Ann reached over to pet Chief; he ducked his head and allowed her to pet him. She did the same with Bailey who complied. Ann said that when she went to pet Harrigan, the puppy not only raised her head but used her paw to direct Ann’s hand for petting.

“I have a feeling you’re going to have a very headstrong challenge with Harrigan,” reported Ann.

The third morning, Harrigan came into the kitchen dragging the leash that had extensions so I could walk all three dogs. She sat by the leash, looking up at me with the “Are you going to stop what you are doing so we can go on our morning walk?”

Later that day, while sitting in the front room reading, I heard the gate leading into the kitchen, shaking violently. Tiny Harrigan was shaking the gate and did so until she managed to get it open. Ugh…

Agility was a gift from the very beginning. When she got a little larger she learned how to scale the gates. I bought 48” to 52” tall gates… she should have been named Flyer.

Harrigan is far less energetic than Bailey, but that doesn’t mean she is low key. Her brain is always working and you can follow her thought patterns at times. If attention is not shown her within a reasonable amount of seconds, Harrigan will raise her paw to tap at you.

Here we are, two months and two days shy of Harrigan and Bailey’s 8th birthday. It’s been fascinating to observe The Sisters from 8-weeks old till now, developing their personalities.

Every night, Harrigan sleeps at the foot of my bed, occasionally coming up to my shoulder to snuggle when Bailey is not barring her from getting close to me. The Sisters are still very possessive with me and share snarls and snips when territory is breached.

Harrigan resembles Flyer in appearance, intellect, and devotion. Since her arrival, Harrigan, like her predecessor Flyer, has worn a red collar.

Here’s to Harrigan who challenges my patience but has my heart.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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