MY DAY: Monday morning

The 92% humidity is fine with the 70-degree weather and nice breeze whipping from the back corners of the house onto the deck. The expected high for today is 88.

I accidentally Zoomed my son fifteen minutes early for our chat time, catching him just as he entered his flat (apartment) from a run. I was impressed that he could even talk and not be winded. Our discussion today was about the 9th Amendment to The Constitution, to be continued tomorrow, and perhaps, Wednesday, as well. I love these topics and conversations where I learn so much.

The afternoon teaching schedule kicks in at 2:00 PM and I finish up at 11:15 PM. Yesterday, Sunday, was the start of the academic school year’s lesson schedule. I agreed to Rita plotting a 30-minute break at 6:00 PM each evening. Until last night, I didn’t realize just how much I appreciated that spare time to eat, attend to a few things, and recharge before the later lessons for the next five hours.

More of my recent grads leave for college this week. I am so excited for them and wish them well. Several recent post-grads are remaining with me for an extended time, most due to Covid situations at their schools, and as with last year’s former students entering their freshman year of college, I really did love having them a bit longer.

My Instacart delivery arrives between 9 AM – 10 AM; however, I’ve always had much success with them arriving at the beginning of their proposed delivery frame.

For me, Instacart is brilliant, economical, and satisfying. I loathe shopping, even without a pandemic. Shopping is a brutal sport for me and I have little patience when doing it. When I do shop in a store, which has been months ago, I tend to drop more into the cart than I truly need. I am guessing I save an additional $15-20 by not shopping for myself as the employees simply use my list. The monthly fee is $10, waiving the delivery fee, $6, per delivery. I am saving $14 with four weekly deliveries. There’s the driver’s tip which, even if more for larger deliveries, is still saving me a few dollars in the end.

The four pooches are already relaxed on the deck. Chief seems less energetic this morning. Instead of his sphinx-like pose, he is napping on his side, seemingly uninterested in guarding his domain. Erma, in 45 minutes, has only paid me one visit which is unusual for her.

On with the day… Oh, and this notification just arrived.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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