THE FAMILY ALBUM: Pets of The Haasienda ~ Bailey

My adult life has been enriched by the love of the pets who have lived with me.

Let me introduce my furry kiddos, past and present.


For seven and one half years, Bailey has been my “Miss Wigglesbottom.” The wiggle begins at her nose and moves to her tail where her hips shake with an hilarious ferocity.

At nearly eight years old, Bailey still hops just as she did the night I brought her home. However, there are times when she’s subdued, snuggly, and greatly affectionate.

Her first night, after we settled into the great bed on the second floor, Bailey galloped over the blankets and pillows to shower me with puppy kisses. She laid her head on my pillow. Nearly eight years later, she often joins me for bedtime, resting her head on my pillow, pressed against my chest.

There are times that I wonder if Bailey’s Friskies go to the top of her bowl. Her petite cuteness often shines as an innocent puppy but also the aged former cheerleader that has not stopped waving her pom pons. But, there’s none so adorable as Bailey.

Despite a needy nature, she can also be quite independent and many times I’ve found her in another room, or out in the yard, napping away from the others. She’s okay with being apart from The Pack, now and then.

From the first morning following her arrival, I discovered that when she curled up to sleep on one side, her black patch came together to form a heart. My piano student, Brianna, who’d been quite fond of Navi, nicknamed the spot, “Navi’s heart.” I still call it Navi’s heart. Ironically, Bailey is quite similar to Navi in personality and energy.

Bailey’s thin, high sounding yap with which she arrived developed into a husky low bark. She and Harrigan are both very vocal, especially Bailey. Between Bailey, Harrigan, and Erma, it’s a strong battle to out-bark the other. Bailey’s lower timbre is often overshadowed by the other two but she will go for the endurance record.

From the moment she met Chief upon her arrival at The Haasienda, Bailey has been Chief’s biggest fan and snuggle buddy. Several times each day she showers him with kisses and often snuggles right next to him during naps.

The Sisters have aged a bit in the face but still retain their youthful look and consistent energy. ENERGY!

I love Bailey’s personality. All of them, actually; she’s a buffet of personality and I love it.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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