MY DAY: Thursday morning on the deck but not much longer…

It’s a warm wind blowing on the deck, rattling all the wind chimes, making the trees sound like rushing waves on a beach, and swirling already fallen leaves about the yard and deck.

The humidity is already on overload and the mid-70s temperature will be gradually moving to the lower 90s. My deck time is limited before seeking shelter in the air-conditioned study where I shall spend most of the day.

The next ten days are mine for writing, researching, enjoying day-long Audible selections or documentaries, and taking time for longer adventures.

This next week is Fifth Week for The Studio and I have all week off. I only teach four weeks of each month; therefore, if a teaching day has five weeks, we take one off. Most of the time, August works out beautifully with five weeks for all teaching days. It works out by claiming mid-August to be Fifth Week as most schools are starting back up and it allows students and families to have one less thing to do that week.

I’ve started and stopped about a half-dozen audio-books the past several days. The story-telling falls short of what I’ve recently experienced with the works of Jon Meacham and several others. Right now, I am half-listening to a John Adams biography, PASSIONATE SAGE by Joseph Ellis. The reader’s voice lands a bit too heavy on the ear with an uneasy talent for storytelling. I am betting I will be searching through my Audible library before 10 AM arrives.

I am thinking it time to move inside. The wind has now died down to an occasional breeze and it’s feeling a bit more damp.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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