MY DAY: An entire day on the deck

It is approaching 9:00 PM and except for returning inside to prepare meals, use the restroom, and to take a nap, my entire day was spent on the deck.

I could not be happier.

I began using bone broth per a nudge from my friend, Karen McLain, and fortunately, I eat soup almost daily which is making the inclusion of bone broth into the diet so much easier. I’m hopeful I shall begin noticing its effects shortly.

The evening was just a tad stuffy at the start but it is nothing disturbing to the comfortable air of the deck. Now, it is cooler and so agreeable. The sky became overcast and my makeshift sun-blind, a former cloth bathtub curtain clipped to my table umbrella, was no longer needed, thus affording me the full wide view of the yard and sky.

Chief and The Sisters have been roaming the yard, sniffing and chasing, while Erma lounged next to me at the table. Supper, leftover soup from lunch which was enjoyed via Zoom with my friends and colleagues, is finished and I am hankering for a bowl of Watergate Salad which I made for the first time today. It’s an easy enough dish to make; but it’s time spent away from the deck and writing that I find annoying.

My Jon Meacham audio-biography on Thomas Jefferson has entered it’s last section and Mr. Jefferson has returned to his beloved Monticello having finished his two terms as president. The fractured friendship between he and his beloved friend, John Adams, has been restored. Yes, I knew the outcome but it’s like watching THE SOUND OF MUSIC or 1776; “will the founding fathers sing and dance their escape to avoid Rolf and the Nazis?”

Honestly, this section of the book is so bittersweet. I do not wish it to end.

Tomorrow I lunch with two dear friends and have no further plans until I return to teaching this Sunday evening. Then, after finishing teaching Tuesday night, I shall have eleven days free for writing, preparing for the coming teaching year, and loving on my wonderful fur babies.

Today’s anniversary of Mother’s passing was spent doing what she firmly encouraged and cheered my entire life: doing what I love (whatever that might be at the moment) and laughing. I appreciate the social media affection received from so many and the laughter shared throughout my lunch meeting with Valerie, Donna, and Elizabeth.

One dear friend, Liz Bryant, now living near Washington, DC. with her husband Damon, responded to my posted photo of Mother and my note, “What a terrific life this lady gave me…” Liz wrote, “As a Mom, I can confidently state, “What a life you gave this terrific lady.” You two were and still are an enviable pair.”

Yes. Yes, we are still an enviable pair. Thank you, Liz….

It was a beautiful day.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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