MY DAY: Wednesday morning perfection

I couldn’t ask for a more beautiful morning with the 61-degree weather which to some might feel like freezing.

The birds are in full chorus, the Shroyer Road traffic swishing by, the Rumpke waste collection clanging about while their brakes squeak to decibels that could make the dead hear, and the intermittent scramble across the wooden deck when a squirrel is spotted in the yard. This morning’s cardinal song is especially pleasing and connecting.

Today marks the second anniversary of the mass shooting in Dayton’s Historic Oregon District. Since I was in Indiana with Mother at the start of her last twenty-four hours of this life, I could not readily nor fully grasp the horrors that enveloped my community back home.

At Noon I will meet a friend for lunch and return home later for writing and time with the dogs. Friday will be another lunch with friends, two studio moms, one of which will be leaving the studio’s fold as her son goes off to college in a week.

It was a great week for teaching and so many levels were climbed with numerous achievements. One student surprised me with the fact she’d been composing! She shared several songs with me and they are quite good. This is always exciting. And, one fairly new piano student finally mastered playing a C major scale with both hands and no mistakes in the fingering. I equally champion these moments. Every step of advancement, regardless the size, is thrilling.

Okay, I need to attend to a few things before readying myself to leave for The Greene for lunch.

PHOTOS: The Seniors were very agreeable to photos taken and even Harrigan was without a hissy fit. Bailey, on the other hand, ignored me and fitted herself into her favorite napping spot beneath my chaise lounge.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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