MY DAY: Monday morning

The day is bright and sunny with 59-degrees sponsoring this morning that is already filled with activity beyond The Haasienda.

I always take my 7:15 AM coffee chat with Joshua, and two days a week, with David added, in my study as not to disturb Mama Kay next door. The deck is generally too quiet and sometimes our laughter and passionate history or political discussions get quite loud.

By 8:20-8:30 AM, like this very moment, the world has become more alive with activity and noise. The traffic on Shroyer Road is much heavier, walkers and runners are thicker on the sidewalks, and this morning, the Fairmont cross country runners are passing by in little groups, chatting and laughing.

Yesterday morning, it took 1 hour, 20 minutes to mow the front yard. Normally, I’ve got it mowed in 20 minutes, not counting the trimming. Everyone and their dogs decided to pass by while I was mowing. I always shut off the mower when I see folks pass and of course, if there’s a dog… yard work goes on hold. But, I’d have it no other way as those dogs need so much loving, petting, and attention in general. Had there been one more dog family pass by I would have been caught in the strong rain shower just past the noon hour.

My Rose of Sharon blooms on the north side of the deck and my wisteria is budding and blooming on the south side. I love these highlights of beauty as I write and work.

It’s a slim day of teaching with one student now moved to California, three off to college, four on vacation, and two camps. Next week will be the last full week of summer session, then a week off for Fifth Week, and then it will kick back in with full energy. Thus, summer comes to and end but hopefully not the end of at least two more months of deck time.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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