MY DAY: An enjoyable Thursday

The morning rain let up by 9:30 AM and by 10:20 AM I was greeting Cider Kress, accompanied by her mom, Amy, and Amy’s sister and niece, Jennifer and Hayley. Hayley and her brother, Ryan, who live near Denver, Colorado, are my private voice students via Zoom.

Hayley, Jennifer, Darin

Cider is the newest German Shepherd to reside with the Kress family, succeeding two previous German Shepherds, Anya and Greta. She’s spunky and adorable.

We walked to Lincoln Park and returned to The Haasienda where I brought out Erma, the most tame and accepting of my quartet. Erma and Cider played the doggie stand-off game for a bit and finally settled into familiarity and then, calm.

Back inside The Haasienda, I lunched with friends and colleagues, laughing and just enjoying one another’s companionship.

It’s 4:30 PM and the atmosphere seems to be revving up for a storm, the wind twisting and smacking the wind chimes and bending trees and bushes. The marching band is completing its final day of band camp and I’m doubtful they will get to perform their work for their families.

I’m on the deck finishing up my Grubhub delivered fish dinner as the grey clouds speed up a little faster. I’m certain my deck time is to be limited.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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