MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Little surprises to end the sags

To be honest, despite keeping upbeat over the failed (Greyhound!) travel attempt to St. Louis and Springfield, I’ve felt, as Joshua and David would mimic their fellow Brits, “a bit of the sags” the past few days.

Not getting to spend time with Jeff Carter the day before his 60th birthday, hobnobbing with the Lincoln family scholars, and spending time with BSU friends on my return-home Indy layover were the true disappointments.

Despite the immediate change of travel destinations, I made the most of it while returned to The Haasienda, and enjoyed spending the weekend with loved ones and seeing BRIGHT STAR for a second viewing.

Last night, I had a surprise Zoom with my friend, Valerie, who I was to see in Springfield for our events, both official and unofficial. She said that when I posted about the Greyhound debacle, several in the group were immediately trying to find airplane tickets; they were not under $1300. That was touching.

Others were reaching out to me: one family friend offered to drive me to Springfield while another colleague-friend was trying to commandeer his brother into using his personal plane to get me to Springfield; the brother was on a trip to California.

There were a number of other “I wish you had let us knows” when they learned too late that my trip was cancelled.

Since Thursday, the days have dragged in a somewhat dreadful way; nothing bad, just severely slow. Today, I had three items that tripped the switch back to being a bit more buoyant. I received a card from my friend, Karen, with a peppy written note. My wisteria tree is blooming around the deck. And, finally, my Rose of Sharon is blooming after 3/4 was destroyed by a spring storm.

I love surprise springboards. I did get a surprise trip and dinner on Wednesday which lifted the sags, but the three items today, and plus time with Laura for dinner and to watch my student in DROWSY CHAPERONE aided in keeping the deeper sags at bay.

I still made it a great day, even with harder efforts, but I tackled the sags thanks to friends, family, and nature!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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