MY DAY: Scenic route adventures

My bonus son leaves for college in less than a month and we’ve been enjoying some adventures and fun together, making up for the complete year of quarantine.

Wednesday afternoon, we got into his car and he asked if I had any preference for a place to eat.


“Well, good. I am surprising you. Direct route or scenic route?”

“Scenic.” Always, always the scenic route.

His Mapquest’s voice gave away the destination: Der Dutchman restaurant in Plain City, Ohio, northeast of Columbus.

Ohio State Route 42 is one of my favorites as it takes me past the neighbor universities of Wilberforce and Central State, the Clifton Falls, and then Cedarville. This adventure took us through picturesque little communities of South Charleston and London and enormously beautiful, wide open countryside.

The best part about riding shotgun is the opportunity to see so much more and take photos.

Der Dutchman is a heaven for home cooking and superb service. We enjoyed a delightful young lady who took care of our dining needs and our meals, save Jacob’s “these have to be frozen green beans,” were delicious.

We retraced our first half of the journey for our return home with a stop at Cedar Cliff Falls. Until recently, it was a lovely but fairly rugged spot. Now, it has additional observation decks, lighting, seating and picnic tables, and an overall feeling of safety.

There were several others enjoying the falls and while standing on the one observation deck, closest to the falls, the mist added some natural refreshment. This was such a perfect touch to such an already fun evening.

It’s so nice to live in The Miami Valley where there’s much to appreciate with natural beauty. And, it’s nice to have energetic friends who appreciate the natural beauty during countryside drives.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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