MY DAY: Tiring Tuesday

It’s just a bit after 8:15 PM, Tuesday evening, and I am tired yet still fully energized.

I had three strong teaching days, a number of students on vacation, at band camps, and I started three new students. The students who were in or who saw the musical BRIGHT STAR are still on fire.

Tonight, I had five evening students on vacation and it was nice to finish a long day by 5:30 PM. Within ten minutes I was trimming mine and Mama Kay’s yards. Since Mama Kay was going to her swimming aerobics class, I decided to go ahead and mow the yard, tonight, rather than tomorrow morning.

The body is sagging with some tired but I am feeling great. I began taking turmeric capsules, last week, and it has really made a difference in soothing the aches and diminishing the inflammation in my legs and feet.

The deck is lovely this evening; a fiery red sun has just descended behind the trees, some song birds are belching out a few last strains of the day, a breeze is wrapping itself around the deck, and I am eyeing my wisteria as new blooms begins popping out. The near perfect conditions are calming.

I started a new audio-book that I am enjoying and learning a great deal, already: THE BILL OF RIGHTS: A USER’S GUIDE by Betty Monk. I have really scored with some great reads, lately.

It’s nearing 8:40 PM and I’ve no idea how I shall spend the remainder of my evening. Normally, I’d be teaching until 9:45 PM.

And, Miss Erma had a wonderful 12th birthday with a few additional treats and many wonderful social media greetings. My eldest son and his partner, currently living in England, sang “Happy Birthday” to her and their dog, Bella, who stayed with us several years ago, had some doggie Zoom conversation with Erma. It was quite adorable. During Bella’s stay, Erma mothered her and seemed quite taken with her little charge.

It’s been a great day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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