MY DAY: Tuesday winding down for the big wind up

The week’s lessons are complete and nearly everything on my to-complete list is 90% checked off.

This is a good feeling.

The dogs sense something is up. Chief saw my small burgundy suitcase and groaned. He would be the only one of the four who would recognize it’s significance. Chief’s been fairly glued to my side.

Laundry has begun. Also, some relaxing with EVERYBODY LOVES RAYMOND which keeps me amused. In a short while I shall transfer back to my John Quincy Adams audio book which I’m greatly enjoying.

Tomorrow, one of my new Canine Crew members will come to meet his new charges. I’m excited to get him on board as I love his family who’s been so involved in Fairmont HS’s music program.

The late afternoon will see me off to dinner and a show with one of my favorite people. We rarely see one another in person but that never seems to dissolve any great affection I hold.

Thursday’s THE day. My bonus sister, Laura, will drive me to the Greyhound terminal in Trotwood where I will board and depart at 6:35 PM. Friday morning, around 6:15 AM, I shall be crossing the Mississippi River with The Arch in view, and within a few minutes of seeing another favorite person.

Spending time with Diane and Jeff before dropping into Springfield to meet with other favorites is rather exciting, making the solo travel in a new world with new, current body less daunting.

Now, back to laundry and John Quincy Adams.

And, my four wonderful pooches.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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