MY DAY: Wednesday & Thursday… little to report

It’s Thursday evening, moving in on 7:00 PM and although I feel much better, I’ve accomplished precious little; I will take the feeling better…

Tuesday night, as the rain was moving into The Miami Valley, I was feeling this incredible aching running through my legs, feet, arms, and hands. I had remembered reading on an MS Facebook page, someone saying they always felt like a barometric target. Ahhh… after further reading, I realized why I was being attacked.

Wednesday was a washout. I did travel downtown to go to my favorite Chinese buffet, a complete dive, but I do like it. They’ve downsized their buffet offerings, a lot, and raised the price. It was disappointing but I get why they needed to make adjustments.

To start this morning, I umbrellaed myself to the front yard to count eight new Mary Lincoln day lilies.

Thursday began with coffee on the deck and intentions to check off a number of items on my to-do list, but as I readied my second cup, I felt the now familiar plunge grip my legs and arms. Back to bed. By Noon, I felt able to clean the kitchen and join fellow historian, Valerie Gugala, for our regular Thursday ZoomLunch.

Following lunch, I took advantage of another two hour nap as I felt the barometric effects subsiding. The perfect solution.

The dogs are fed. I grilled two hamburgers. I ate both hamburgers. They were both delicious hamburgers. Satisfied.

Now, I am seated on the deck beneath the table umbrella and the wider deck umbrella, hoping to stay dry with the impending rain. To the north, the sky is quite beautiful and clear which would have been a perfect RiverScape evening! THE ANDY GRIFFITH SHOW is playing and it’s the years filmed in color; not my favorite. The writers had changed, Don Knotts had left the show, and many storylines were recycled and deplorably dull.

The cardinals have been especially attentive. Last evening when I stepped off the bus, just a few hundred feet south of The Haasienda, the one male cardinal sat on one of the lines above the easement, calling out quite loudly. As I got beneath the wire, he flew to the tree above the deck as though he knew I would move directly to the deck until the rain arrived.

Today, the same cardinal and his lady cardinal spent a good deal of time around and even on the deck. I like their attention.

Off to enjoy the rest of the evening, relaxing, hopefully writing, and enjoying life.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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