On a Saturday in June, 1992, our family gathered around the bed of Donna Mae Clary Barmes after she had been released from the life support technology.

It was, and still remains today, one of the most brutally agonizing moments I’ve experienced, perhaps because it was my first time to observe the transition of life. However, it was my beloved Grandma Donna.

Today marks the 29th anniversary of Grandma’s passing; she would have turned 97 years old on May 8th.

It’s funny how the details have been richly imprinted in my mind until we reached 2:15 PM when Grandma’s world, our world, stopped turning. Ironically, a clock she had purchased for me on my previous birthday, stopped at 2:15 PM.

Every year, if in a position to do so, I sit at the piano and play “Red River Valley,” Grandma’s favorite song.

While her fire was snuffed out, her spark within Mother and all the grandchildren has never been doused. Every time we laugh, smile, admire nature’s beauty, tell family stories, perform pranks, offer a hand of help or support, Grandma Donna’s legacy is present.

The fact I am still writing about missing her deeply on this 29th commemoration of her departure says plenty about my deep rooted affection to this tiny, great woman.

Continue to rest in pranks, Dear Girl, and know you are still deeply loved and terribly missed.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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