MY DAY: Friday Fun Day extended

This was quite a relaxing, fulfilling Friday Fun Day that lived up to the day’s title.

The entire day was cloudy and rain threatening, spitting a few drops, occasionally. I decided to skip going to lunch at one of my favorite haunts and stay on the home front where I managed to accomplish a few chores, here and there.

I joined Mama Kay, Kelley (Laura’s son) to celebrate Laura’s birthday at Doubledays restaurant at Cross Pointe Center. Delicious dinner and delightful family members made it the perfect day.

While we were waiting on our dinner to be delivered to our table I looked over and spied a former student from the mid-1990s, seated with his parents. I absolutely adored Brad Elliott as a student and have stayed in touch with him via social media. Tom and Dawn Elliott have always been such a lovely couple and with the elder two sons, I got to see Dawn frequently at the middle school where she worked. This was such a terrific bonus to an already fantastic day.

Now, I am home, enjoying the breezy weather with the four pooches on the deck. Erma has laid one of her babies next to me and pays her regular visits at shorter intervals. The Sisters are enjoying grand adventures around the perimeter of the yard in search of invaders. Chief is relaxing on his mat, surveying his own version of Pride Rock.

Tomorrow is my Lebanon Adventure and lunch at The Golden Lamb, a historic restaurant visited by a number of presidents.

The wind has picked up from the south but there is no rain in the forecast. I love feeling the wind blowing through the house. My hope is that it make pick up some of the dust and move it outside or at least to another location.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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