MY DAY: DMB’s “smile for the birdie”

The waiting area in the lobby of the Centerville DMB is either the Disney World of haunted house of horrors or and the enjoyment of every fun ride in the park.

Today, mine was a full ride through the park.

I spent ten additional minutes outside assisting several older folks with the photo-scan for signing in. It’s a cumbersome process for those who are not familiar with the new way of services.

I found a seat after logging in and found myself ensconced between three lively individuals who were so delightful and witty describing their DMB war stories. A chipper lady in her mid-30s was super in making certain I checked with the front attendant who’d gone to the restroom. A 70 year old man, recently moved from Michigan, was a caricature of every sitcom funny man. And, a lovely lady who had just turned 87, claiming that she was so old she had no fingerprints and exhaled dust, was also a twin of every sitcom senior. Her buoyant humor and outlook made me appreciate her all the more.

My wait was not more than twenty minutes and I was soon ushered to Window 6 and hosted by the most adorable lady, the mother of three young energetic sons who keep her monthly grocery bill right at $600. Yikes! She was so helpful and genuinely friendly in guiding me through the process.

Upon taking my photo she said I had a great smile and that she liked when folks smiled for their license photograph. I explained that when I got my first driver’s license in 1980, I smiled. Mother asked why I smiled.

“Well, I was sitting in front of a camera and no one told me to not smile.”

“Hmm. I just never thought of smiling for the driver’s license picture.”

So, I am enjoying several chilitos and a garden salad from Skyline Chili while waiting for the bus line to the mall to deal with Spectrum’s less than quality cable service.

By the way, or BTW, as is hip to jot: the Centerville/OH48 Skyline Chili is EXCELLENT! Great service, clean, friendly folks, healthy portions, and delicious food. Kudos!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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