MY DAY: Reclaiming the deck

I feel the joy of working from the deck, again, this evening.

The next several days are to be beautiful; however, Monday through Friday has a nasty rain outlook. It’s already sobering to think of spending another chunk of time inside while the world drips.

Today was fun, but taxing. After dining at Old Scratch Pizza in Centerville, I moseyed over to Home Buys and found some pillow cases I had been needing, as well as lightbulbs and a few other items.

Since I had 45 minutes until the next northbound No. 17 bus, I traipsed on in to Big Lots. It was more of a wandering adventure but I was thoroughly exhausted. I lost track of time and discovered I was at the 11-minute countdown for the bus and I had from one end of the huge plaza to the other in which to make the bus. I did so with one minute to spare.

I arrived home by 3:15 PM, and as I stepped from the bus, immediately across the street, the air was filled with flying cicadas. I thought I was back in Biblical times, dancing with Moses and Rameses (or whichever Pharaoh was dancing with the big M). It was actually wild and quite fascinating. They didn’t bother me and didn’t settle on me.

After putting away my purchases items, and putting a pot of vegetable soup on the stove for dinner, I settled in to research OCR to text programs. I discovered it’s just going to weigh me down. I’m now investigating the Windows voice to text and it’s working nicely.

Ive eaten supper and worked while taking in the happenings of the backyard from my seat in the deck.

The trees have filled out, now, making it impossible to readily spot the cardinals as they cheer me on. At least I can hear them.

The squirrels continue to pester Bailey and Harrigan by walking along the top of the fence or dancing from various limbs and branches in the trees. The Sisters are exasperated!

I barely noticed the ccicadas but have read on social media where they were driving others nuts. They just do not bother me.

Tomorrow will surely entail mowing. I doubt I can hold off until Sunday. But, with the forecast of lengthy stretches of rain, it will be a priority.

Back to writing as the sun sets and the clock nears 9:00 PM. It’s just a damned beautiful evening.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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