MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Fifth Week, here and now…

“Fifth Week” is a studio thing: I only teach four lessons to a student, each month; therefore, if a student’s lesson day is Tuesday and there are five Tuesdays in a given month, one of those Tuesday lesson days will be off.

At first, I hated the idea, but it has worked great for giving students and myself a little break, now and then, and it assists parents and my studio manager in having consistent numbers each month. It really does work nicely.

I am tired this morning, but it’s a different kind of tired. Not a sleepy kind-of-tired. Perhaps a bit of emotional fatigue, much like those I use to experience on my once exciting vacations.

Sunday was a bit slower paced, but “slower paced” for me is still “full speed, ahead” or a Teddy Roosevelt “charge” for most people.

We just drove. Countryside. The initial sunshine-day took a turn to overcast and cloudy, but still with workable temperatures.

Once we got around Hamilton, Ohio, we proceeded to the west into beautiful rolling hills of Butler County, where we passed through the small village of Okeana and a few miles on to George Family Cemetery where my fourth great-grandparents, Thomas and Jemima Jolliffe are buried.

Thomas Jolliffe’s headstone has fallen over. I’m certain it was due to aging and weather conditions and not vandalism as few others were disturbed.

I suggested driving on down to Oxford, Ohio since Miami University’s campus would be vacated but for some reason, I’ve always confused Oxford’s location as being south and not a bit north. We continued southward to one of the most idyllic spots, the tomb of our ninth president, William Henry Harrison, in North Bend, Ohio, majestically poised to overlook the Ohio River.

Nearby is the North Bend United Methodist Church where my darling friend, Alice Kay Hoover Loveland was minister. Her one parsonage window overlooked the historical marker noting the plantation site of General Harrison. It was also the birth site of Harrison’s grandson, Benjamin Harrison, who later held the same office, only a bit longer than his grandfather.

We followed OH-50 or River Road on a nice winding drive up to Mount Echo Park and took in the view of the area. I can spend forever on Mount Adams and Mount Echo for the splendid views of the river valley below.

We ended up in Covington, Kentucky, again. No German food, sadly. We dined up on Mt. Adams, walked a bit, drove through the park, and headed north toward Dayton.

Thanks to a former student, John, who took care of the pooches the entire time. He was home for the long weekend, a surprise to his parents. His surprise was their last minute decision to fly to Missouri for the long weekend. Lucky me!

It was a fun four days of laughter, sharing, caring, and knowing I am loved.

Now, on to my Fifth Week with what I believe to be some well deserved down time, hopefully for writing.

Make it a great day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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