There are some days when my own formidable positive mind-set takes a dive and it becomes, for me, much like rock climbing without those tiny little cliffs or ledges with which to grab hold.

Fortunately, it’s never a long lasting, however, it is a tremendous distraction.

Last Friday, I began having lower stomach discomfort that increased with intensity, distracted from basic living, and tried to defy my complete balance. As interruptive and painful as it has been, and with the usual attempts to meet my comfort zone, thwarted, I spent any free time in my bed, listening to YouTube recordings of Justice Ruth Bader Ginsberg interviews or speeches; they are inspiring, often witty (my great respect for her demands my chuckles), and keep my mind elsewhere.

I finished reviewing and commenting on my last two online class projects. Those four classes are now in the books. I must say, those students became very dear to me; they worked hard and offered no egotistical attitudes.

Wednesday, I was so frustrated with the continuing rain interfering with lawn care that I took advantage of the two hours between online classes (presenting projects) and private teaching to trim and mow the entire yard. I felt relieved and ambition-fulfilled. With several choir concerts eliminating evening lessons, I transplanted eight hostas from the backyard to the front. I was thriving in the plentiful light at 8:30 PM.

Here we are, Thursday morning, seated on the deck in 53-degree weather; chilly, but the beauty of this moment shall not escape my full presence. I began this morning propped up in my bed, watching the dogs enjoy their morning routines.

Each is different.

Keep going.

Sometimes, I do feel ashamed that I allow myself to slide from my solid commitment to positive-management. Being human can often be a bitch. I was raised on BEWITCHED where a twitching of the nose could produce anything, Benjamin Franklin, a polka dot elephant on a staircase, Queen Victoria, etc.. Alas, like Darren Stevens, this Darin is a mere mortal, too.

Mere mortals, everywhere: Make it a great day and keep going.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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