MY DAY: Changing the tone

I don’t recall ever being a whiny kid, though I am sure I had my moments providing Mother was not within earshot.

We weren’t raised in wealth. My sister, Dena, and I both agree that neither of us felt poor. Mother and her parents made sure we were well provided for and given tons of love, encouragement, and a sense of self.

If things didn’t go smoothly, we at least had a wonderful tool life-box to fix it. “Fix it” was a common phrase when the sons were home.

If they were arguing: Fix it.

If they were complaining: Fix it.

If they were plotting my death: Fix it.

They knew that if they didn’t follow that command of fix it or make it work, I’d step in and fix it and that would be on “floor -5, the fiery pits of hell” elevator drop off.

Mother’s response to a whiny or board child was, “let’s see what needs to be done around the house.” Sadly, I was always willing to help whenever I could would fall in line. But, we’d have that discussion about complaining. It was basically, “don’t.”

My typical response when asked how I’m doing, “I cannot complain and if I did I would be the most rotten man for doing so.”

This morning, for some reason, I broke my personal stricture and melted into a world of self-pity. I debated posting my blog but I did it, anyway. Yes, I, too, have moments when I crash. I even refused all internal efforts of stepping it up and “fix it.”

I eventually grabbed another bus after vowing I was returning to bed. But, damned if I was going to miss my Friday Fun Day!

The bus went on a detour through a neighborhood near Patterson Park that I’d never seen. Some quite lovely houses. I just got a different detour tour on the way home and met another great neighborhood.

I chatted with three Black women on hair: theirs, mine, and ours.

I ate at Taqueria.

I walked over to Mike’s Bike Park to see Mike, a former band director, and meet the mom of one of my students. This bumped up my spirits.

Also, each bus connection worked smoother because those buses were running behind and I got to the next destination 30 minutes ahead of my planned timing. Thus, I’m an hour ahead of schedule on my return home.

Attitude is everything.

I just about blew some great things, today, simply because I allowed myself to droop. This has never been my style or way of handling things. But, there are joyful adventures in being human.

Yes, we do need to work at making it a great day. Sometimes, the great day happens. Sometimes, it needs a bit of a nudge.

Always, always nudge the hell out of it.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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