MAKE IT A GREAT DAY: Dealing with Rude Runners

Last week’s post regarding The Rude Runners, those joggers/runners who shout-talk when they pass by my house at 5:00 AM, resulted in several witty suggestions but an even funnier gift from my friend, Jenny Davis.

From Jenny Davis!

Several days of exceptionally strong winds and rain kept the loud Rude Runners at bay over the weekend but I was certain they’d be back Monday morning.

I have this audio reader on my phone which I absolutely love. I use it mostly for multitasking so I can work and listen.

Now, I can hear folks chatting the full length of the school parking lot due to all the blacktop, concrete, and bricks. It’s an echo chamber which I don’t mind unless it’s 5:00 AM.

So, I decided to experiment with my Bluetooth speaker on the deck. I think I struck gold.

When I was awakened by the women coming down the parking lot from the west, I was set to go. As they got nearer I could tell when they heard the recording; one of them said to the others, “Shhh.” (There were at least three this morning.) They heard my male reader:

“Good morning, Neighbors. I am aware and thrilled you take your morning exercise seriously and with such devotion. Please remember that some of your neighbors do the same but at this time of day they require more rest. Please try to respect their quest for good health as much as you take pride in your own by speaking softer when running this time of day. Thank you and please be safe on your daily journey.” [Repeat]

I could tell they remained to listen to the loop or second time through as they had probably missed the first few lines.

Then, I heard one ask if it was a motion sensor or something that tripped it.

“It’s like being at Kings Island or Disney when those voices come out of nowhere to remind guests about…”

They were off, again, and silent. Whether this will work or last, who knows? But, I may end up searching the ACME Corporation catalog.

Make it a great day!

The Recording

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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