IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Disney’s ~ The Gnome Mobile

This delightful movie, based on Upton Sinclair’s book, came out in 1967 and I believe we watched it the summer of 1968 at the Elwood Drive-In Theatre.

I was confused because the young siblings from this movie actually lived on Cherry Tree Lane as Jane and Michael Banks! A few years later, I was even more perplexed that BRIAN’S SONG’s Gale Sayers and his family lived in the Stevens’ home from BEWITCHED.

Tonight I was remembering the delightful song but when I checked the credits I was surprised to see the score was composed by Buddy Baker. The theme song, however, had the unmistakable thumbprint of already legendary Sherman Brothers. Later down the list, it was noted that Robert Sherman and Richard Sherman offered their talents with writing the theme song.

THE GNOME MOBILE had so many memorable faces from television and the movies: Walter Brennan (one of my favorites who plays multiple roles), Matthew Garber & Karen Dotrice (the Banks children), Ed Wynn, Richard Deacon, Tom Lowell.

THE GNOME-MOBILE is a delightful romp that did not receive the public attention the critics believed it should.

I agree.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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