MY DAY: Full moon fallout

I’ve a 30-minute break in lessons, the first long break since 1:30 PM, and it feels like the residual dragging from the recent full moon is having an affect on everyone.

Fatigue is robbing students of their energy and singing has been a challenge. Not uncommon.

I had a ten minute break at 4:50 PM and wandered into the front yard. I saw the neighbor’s huge white fluffy dog jump the fence to run across Shroyer Road to greet a passing walker and her pooch.

Fortunately and quite oddly, there were no approaching cars from either direction on this commonly busy four lane road.

I hurried back inside to retrieve a leash, moving as quickly as my legs would permit to the other block to grab hold of the big white pooch. The passing lady hurried on with her dog, not too concerned about the friendly pooch in a dangerous situation.

The pooch happily accepted me leashing it up and making the journey across the street to the neighbors who were napping (the mom has several little ones).

Mission accomplished.

My body, under the stress of the moment and exertion of managing the large playful pooch seemed to take a hit. Some ibuprofen should manage the aftershocks.

The dogs have been an annoying blessing, off and on; sweet and affectionate, yet on a larger than usual barking mission.

Three more lessons and it shall be my thee-day break of writing, communing with fellow writers and historians, and resting the body.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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