IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Carson and crusin’

When I was a baby I required less than five or six hours of sleep, just like Mother, and it afforded us a good deal of bonding time through early learning with writing and reading, as well as Johnny Carson on The Tonight Show.

None of my classmates knew who Johnny Carson was. I did.

I loved seeing every weeknight and even though I didn’t understand any of his jokes, I howled just the same. I even remember Tiny Tim marrying Miss Vicky.

The Golden Years of Hollywood and Broadway were beginning to merge into the modern era but the cavalcade of stars was strong.

By the time I was in junior high and high school, many of these stars began making their final curtain calls in guest appearances on The Love Boat.

They were a bit older. Sometimes their characters and shtick worked, other times it was just too dated to mix in with the modern skits, no matter how corny.

In the mid to late eighties I was fortunate to meet a number of these folks through Mr. and Mrs. Joshua Logan, my directing mentor and his wife. It was so exciting to see these personalities I had literally grown up with.

On Pluto TV, The Love Boat and Johnny Carson have their own channels that run 24/7. A little bit of The Love Boat can go a long way but it’s nice to be reacquainted with the stars of my youth.

Another plus seems to be getting sunshine during the television cruises. Mr. Logan said Londoners received their share of Vitamin Sea when the movie, South Pacific arrived. It played for months to packed houses.

Heeeeeeeere’s to all aboard with Johnny!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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