THE FAMILY ALBUM: Mary Belle Clary

Grandpa Garrett & Grandma Belle, 1964

Today would have been the 123rd birthday of my great-grandmother, Mary Belle Jones-Clary.

December 20, 1897 – January 28, 1969

Belle was the daughter of Joel Monroe Jones & Anna Greenlee Jones, and the older sister of Alpha & Harry. She was descended from pioneer families of Boone Township, Madison County, Indiana, the Greenlees, the Balls, the Joneses, the Vinsons.

Belle married John William Garrett Clary on September 30, 1920, and they had three children, Ronald Monroe Jones (1921-1936), Donna Mae Clary-Barmes (1924-1992), and Joyce Ann Clary-Riser (1933-2020).

Grandma Donna, Grandpa Garrett, Grandma Belle, Aunt Joyce

Belle Clary was my maternal great-grandmother and I got to spend a good amount of time with her after she and Grandpa Garrett moved a few blocks from us after they retired from farming.

Four Generations, 1964

Continue to rest in the beauty that surrounded you…

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