IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Ohio Northern University presents a new way of theatre presentation

This summer, I watched my two Colorado private students in their summer musicals via You Tube Live and I’ve also watched several streamed productions.

Tonight, I’m watching a live-streamed production of playwright Clifford Odets’ 1935 drama, WAITING FOR LEFTY, produced by Ohio Northern University Theatre Department.

The ONU production of WAITING FOR LEFTY

We’re nearly thirty minutes into the production and it’s moving along smoothly with the actors separately performing under safety precautions. I’m wholly impressed with these college students tackling this new way of sharing the arts.

My former voice student, Marisha Osowski, an ONU second year musical theatre major is portraying Florence. The Quartet, my four pooches who adore Marisha, got all excited when they heard her voice. It was so cool!

I’m cheering harder and louder for these troopers. They’re still making theatre, but in an entirely new format and in a way they probably never imagined.

Marisha Osowski as Florence

Live-streamed theatre is not the way so many of us would like to present our artistry; however, it’s vital that theatre and the performing arts continue to be shared. We’ve got this and we’re doing it.

What we do for love…

WAITING FOR LEFTY. Friday, October 2 @ 7:30 PM. Saturday, October 3 @ 7:30 PM

For online ticket information: Ohio Northern University Theatre Box Office

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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