MY DAY: 11 September & 6 Rs

It’s a day of remembering, resting, reading, (w)riting, Robert (Todd Lincoln), and relaxing with the pooches.

Today’s weather seems to mimic the somber shroud for this day of remembrance, abandoning the clear deep blue, sun-filled skies of nineteen years ago. A constant breeze has made the air feel much cooler than the mid-70s and the drab dome keeps the anniversary in check.

Last evening, I joined a collection of Mary Lincoln scholars for a discussion of the essay-filled, THE ENIGMA OF MARY LINCOLN. Quite fascinating.

This scholarly ensemble greatly lifts my energy and propels me deeper into one of my historical passions, Abraham and Mary Lincoln. As the physical diminishes, my intellect is strengthened and encouraged by these discussions.

The actual discussion lasted approximately two hours, yet, several clung to the Zoominess for further shop-talk. In the end, with only four of us members remaining, we had accumulated seven hours total.

I easily woke, despite four hours of sleep and have cherished the energy afforded me and without the aide of coffee!

One portion of the later discussion, Mary Lincoln scholars, Donna McCreary and Valerie Gugala, gifted me an entirely new perspective and quite unexpected change of heart for the character of the Lincolns’ eldest and last surviving son, Robert Todd Lincoln. I’m indebted to Donna and Valerie for enlightening me with previously unknown stories of Robert’s generous nature and stewardship for his family’s legacy.

So, this Friday afternoon, while spooning into a bowl of China Cottage hot and sour soup, delivered by Mama Kay from next door, I finally got around to opening my unread copy of Jason Emerson’s GIANT IN THE SHADOWS: The Life of Robert Todd Lincoln.

Having experienced, earlier this summer, Mr. Emerson’s inviting and enthusiastic passion during a group discussion on another of his own scholarly books, THE MADNESS OF MARY LINCOLN, I’m thoroughly enjoying and trusting his ten-year researched spotlight on Robert Todd Lincoln.

Though the day has garnered a good deal of accomplishments, yet it does not feel so since it’s not been as physically demanding.

The school buses are trailing down Shroyer Road so I suspect a football game is in order. Tonight feels like the football weather fans crave.

I still the puppy in Chief’s face.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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