Flyer, the best dog in the world.

I love and have loved all my dogs, but Flyer was just something beyond special.

Beginning July 21, 2013, 73 folks came to say “goodbye” to Flyer as her departure time became clearer.

Three former students who had never met one another, drove down from Bowling Green State University to spend a few hours hugging Flyer and crying along with the others.

Mother drove over from Indiana to stay with me for four days. Upon leaving, Mother, who was never much a crier, broke down in sobs, “I’m so sorry you’re going through this.” She kept petting Flyer and giving her kisses, “Grandma loves you, Flyer.”

The morning of July 29th, around 5:00 AM, Chief, who was sleeping with his head on Flyer’s hip, began making noises to wake me. Flyer’s breathing has become labored.

Chief and I laid next to Flyer, holding her and insisting it was okay to let go, we were all going to be fine, and that she’d done a great job.

Flyer had watched over four sons, ten foster sons, and a ton of students and friends of my sons for twelve years. She was a good mama.

Around 5:30 AM, the breaths became less labored and slowed greatly in tempo.

Then, the next breath for which I was waiting… did not come.

Chief began howling.

Navi, who’d been keeping vigil from one of the guest beds, began crying and cowering by the pillows.

I placed Flyer in a packing bin so I could transport her to The Pines for cremation.

I leashed up Chief and Navi and kept our scheduled morning walk. Just the three of us.

It’s been seven years and I still miss my blue-eyed sweetie.

In so many ways she’s still with me… and still so very loved…

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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