IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Technicolor memories


This young man, wearing a dream coat, did a fantastic job as Joseph. I am so proud of Hunter Dale in this role.

This is the first time I have had a private student perform this role who was not in a production I directed.

I got to do this role 29 times, and in three national tours. I’ve also directed JOSEPH 14 times.

Here’s some irony for the day…

31 years ago, today, my beloved mentor for theater directing, Joshua Logan, died on July 12, 1988. I was on tour as Joseph that Tuesday evening and was told after that night’s show ended. The next evening, I quietly and personally dedicated my performance to Mr. Logan.

For me, the closing number, “Any Dream Will Do,” was beautiful, powerful, and always quite personal to me. As I stepped forward into the spotlight to begin the song, a strange knot in my stomach and chest began throbbing and I felt this peculiar haze settle within. I felt as though I had stepped off the edge of the stage and was falling into some kind of abyss.

I got to the verse, “may I return to the beginning, the light is dimming, and the dream is, too,” the tears began flowing. As I steadily felt the emotion strangle my control, my words became more pronounced and the song’s dreamy quality suddenly became a powerful testament.

That night, at twenty-three, I had one of the best performances of my life.

Tonight, as the show began, it occurred to me that I was seeing JOSEPH on the anniversary of Mr. Logan’s death and one of my students was slipping into my old dream coat.

This is what I love so dearly about my work in the performing arts. There’s a certain kind of magic that allows us to live and explore so many things beyond… perhaps, in the east where the dawn is breaking.

This was just the perfect night.

Thank you, Mr. Logan and thank you, Hunter.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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1 Response to IN THE SPOTLIGHT: Technicolor memories

  1. Nicole Dale says:

    He couldn’t do it without you. He was quite emotional when he saw that you were there.

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