MIAGD: Where is Bus 14?

MIAGD: Make it a great day

I woke earlier than usual and actually feeling less sluggish than previous mornings and decided to take advantage of the moment with a trip to Woodland Cemetery.

I got to the downtown hub with ease and after completing business I had 13 minutes until #14 would arrive to wind through the University of Dayton campus and a stop at Woodland Avenue.

There were two 14s on the electronic schedule, the next bus, now at 9 minutes and another 14 with a wait of 35 minutes.

The next 14 bus suddenly disappeared from the list. Another one appeared with a 15 minute wait and t meh second now at 29 minutes.

The next immediate bus disappeared from the screen and the next was 25 minutes.


I asked one of the attendants outside and was asked, “You’re not on anything are ya? Those things don’t happen.”

I really fought hard to stifle my own rebuttal as it would not have been pretty.

So, I’m now 30 minutes later I’m getting to Woodland and it will be nearly 10:45 AM when I intended to be there by 10:00 AM. I did take some photos around the area but am still miffed, not so much by the screwy screen of bus times but by the sophomoric, inappropriate treatment by the RTA employee.

In the mornings there dogs are to remain at the top of the stairs until I reach the bottom. It’s usually several reminders of, “get back” when an errant pup starts down the stairs or puts a paw on the next step down. Chief always remains back and away from the stampede.

I’m ready for my Thursday adventures since my Friday plans of visitors was upended.

Make it a great day.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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