MY DAY: Thursday is a wrap

The day began with overwhelming sluggishness and turned out to be a very productive day.

After feeding The Quartet I predicted an hour’s nap won’t suffice. It did not. Finally, at Noon I begrudgingly prodded my self into action.

I managed to:

  • Write four college reference letters
  • Prep some music for students for next week
  • Prepped some senior students’ college audition songs
  • Took a lot of deck furniture to the shed and basement
  • Cleared a good deal off the deck
  • Removed my theatre books off the white bookshelf in my study
  • Took the white bookshelf to the basement
  • Brought up a taller bookcase to put in place of the shorter bookcase
  • Reorganize all my theatre books on their new bookcase
  • Take out the window air conditioner from my study
  • Dust the study
  • Reorganize a few studio areas in my study
  • Set up all the four humidifiers throughout the house
  • Wash dishes
  • Feed dogs
  • 4:00 PM teach a makeup lesson to a student who’d been sick for several weeks
  • Eat supper
  • Shower and dress for choral concert
  • Took Bus 17 to the south hub near the Dayton Mall
  • Bus 23 showed up earlier
  • Called at Uber and arrived at high school with 15 minutes to spare
  • Shot photos from balcony throughout the high school choir concert

I had five students on stage tonight, all in the top choirs and a cappella groups, with several featured soloists. I am so proud of the excellent work put forth and the confident performances from these five!

Bravo, Team!

Tomorrow, I am in hopes of completing the clearing of the deck and straightening the basement, some.

Then, it’s on to the Fairmont/Centerville game and the traditional Spirit Chain challenge. Last year, Fairmont raised $92,676.66 and Centerville brought in $63,519.52. Each school determined a variety of different charities to which the monies would be distributed. Over the past 33 years, Centerville and Kettering Fairmont students have raised more than $2 million for charity during this friendly competition.

I’m on the bus heading for The Haasienda where I shall be greeted by an eager foursome ready to potty, receive a treat, and head upstairs to bed.

Once upon a time I could easily function at full speed on 4-5 hours; however, the past month or so my body is demanding 6-8 hours of sleep with additional rest. The challenges are slowly introducing themselves.

Two photos from tonight’s choral concert, Disney On Stage.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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