My student, Sarah Kress, and other castmates from INTO THE WOODS, JR

I’ve seen many excellent children’s theatre productions over the years at Washington Township’s Town Hall Theate, however, INTO THE WOODS, JR seems to have taken the prize.  Outstanding!

Jackie Darnell, one of my Fairmont HS kiddoes, directed a sharp, talented cast of “tweeners,” who are tight, energetic, and committed to focused diction.

FINALLY!  A production with great diction and they were KIDS!  Way to go!

The set, costumes, and other technical aspects at Town Hall are always quality, and they did not slight anything with this production.

The cast seemed to thoroughly grasp their characters and offered super comedic timing.  So often, the gimmicks incorporated into most INTO THE WOODS productions are tried, true, and showing their age.  This production offered a fresh approach with comedic responses and the young cast members rolled with the punches delivered.  I loved it!

And the vocals, which I’ve only heard from “The Spells Cast” were great.

A special shout to Cinderella, The Baker, The Witch, and my student, Sarah Kress, who played Jack’s Mother. I am so proud of you, Sarah!

Jackie Darnell, crew, and cast: THANK YOU!  This is a rock solid show!

For those who might be interested in attending the remaining performances, tomorrow, and next weekend, this is your chance: Tickets for Town Hall Theatre’s INTO THE WOODS, JR.

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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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