MY DAY: Loving Erma

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Erma is just the sweetest, most loving dog and tomorrow, Saturday, we will celebrate her one week anniversary, or as we say in the adoption world, “gotcha day.”

Chief, Bailey, and Harrigan are all loving, but in a very different way.  Erma just has this fun, loving spirit about her that my original three do not possess as easily.

Last night we seemed to finally get over that bridge of full acceptance.  Instead of Erma being slightly off to the side, the others began going to lay down near her.

Harrigan and Bailey don’t play like most dogs.  They were never interested in playing fetch or some of the typical games enjoyed by most dogs.  But, I don’t believe they think of themselves as dogs; they’re my fur-covered children.

Erma is my fur-covered child but she is very much a playful dog!

Several days ago, Erma began challenging Bailey, the least welcoming, in a game of stand-off and chase.  Bailey warmed up to this challenge and now readily accepts Erma’s invitations to play.

Today, we hit our stride as a fur-family!

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Bailey snuggling with Erma

For about forty-five minutes Erma, Bailey, and Harrigan chased one another all over the backyard, up onto the deck, into the house, and back out into the yard, again.  They’d take water breaks and then were back at the chase at full speed.

Finally, they slowed down their pace and settled onto the deck for rest.  Bailey walked over to Erma and laid down, snuggling her head on Erma’s hip.

The Quartet has changed positions several times, always including Erma in the switch.

This is such a joyful, beautiful moment.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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1 Response to MY DAY: Loving Erma

  1. Sarah Davidsen says:

    Reading about your children (furry or otherwise) makes my day. Thank you for sharing, Darin!

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