MY DAY: Erma settled in

At around 5:30 PM Erma, still known as precious at the moment, and I entered the front door of The Haasienda to the uproarious greeting from the three established canines.

For the first five minutes, or so, with The Trio on the one side of the gate and Precious on the other side of the gate, was silence, barking, silence, growling, silence, barking, silence, growling, and etc.

I let the The Trio out to potty while I fed Precious. Once The Trio had eaten their dinner The Quartet returned to the gate to repeat silence, barking, silence, growling, silence, barking, silence, growling.

It was not proceeding as I had hoped.

Finally, I tried to squeeze through the gate and Precious slipped through into the hallway with The Trio.

I braced myself for a fight but did not over react.


The Great Haasienda SniffFest of 2018 commenced with silence, wiggling (mostly from Bailey), and exceptional calm.

The Quartet promenaded out to the deck, Precious proceeded to the yard to christen an area in the hosta bed, and they’ve been lounging about the deck as though they’ve always been together. Every once in a while they all gather around me for affection and perhaps, reassurance.

Chief and Erma seem to have hit it off and they are lounging less than two feet apart. She’s even given him a few kisses.


That was that.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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