MIAGD: The sounds, colors, and fun were soaring…

MIAGD: Make it a great day

DSC00019Monday evening was spent in the company of three dear friends and several thousand spectators watching amazing youth from all across the United States, and even The Netherlands, treating us to some of the most outstanding, creative, and innovative avenues of music, marching and maneuvering, and entertainment.

I attended my first Soaring Sounds Drum Corps competition at Centerville High School with some college friends in the summer of 1985. Five years later I would be attending the competition just weeks before moving to Dayton.  In twenty-eight years I’ve attended no less than twenty-four Soaring Sounds.

DSC00343Monday morning I received a message from Debbie McCutcheon indicating she and Jim had two additional tickets available for Soaring Sounds, and would I, and a friend, wish to enjoy those tickets.  Oooh… well, I had several Monday evening students… let me see if I can work out some rescheduling.  Thank you, Monday evening students, for being gracious to accommodate me in this personal reunion.  

The familiar voice of a much beloved former student, also a canine crew member, and now, college student, Alex Loree, sounded in the front room of The Haasienda at 5:00 DSC00186PM.  I’ve only seen Alex once since his August 2017 departure for Bowling Green State University, and I’ve not been happier for a reunion in so long.  Ironically, I’d been thinking about another recent former student, Adam Julian, now a sophomore at Cincinnati Conservatory of Music, and I was fortunate to see him at Soaring Sounds, too!  Score for the old teacher!  

Alex and I literally picked up where we left off and enjoyed a meal at Elsa’s, and then on to Soaring Sounds where we enjoyed the competition and a nice post-show chat until nearly midnight.

DSC00287Soaring Sounds… incredible.  As in the past 30+ years, the Centerville High School band boosters, and their acquired crews augmented this huge, wonderful event with their warm, considerate hospitality.  At the end of the competition, several dads on golf carts were exceptionally generous with their time and assistance getting a friend to the other side of the baseball fields to where we were parked.  I know the dads were probably a bit tired from long hours which is so common with these events but you would have thought they were just starting out their day with personable and eager willingness to be of service.  Kudos, CHS Band Dads!

DSC09994I remember my very first DCI competition I attended with my high school band director, Paula Simmons, and her college roommate, Pamela Smith Wishmeyer.  I can remember the sensation that rushed through my 15-year-old body upon hearing the first blast of brass that evening.

I still get that same rush upon the first blast of brass… Who am I kidding?  It doesn’t end until the last corps finishes.

Sitting on the front row allowed me ample opportunity for some pretty good candid shots and a super treat of The Cavaliers presenting “Encore” – a final presentation before awards are announced – directly in front of us.  In fact, the field commanders stood within reach.

The Cavalier Field Commanders during Encore

Thank you, Jim & Debbie McCutcheon, for sharing your additional tickets, and thank you, Alex Loree, for continuing to be a part of my life!

I have a busy day ahead and I am spurred on by last night’s Soaring Sounds competition, surrounded with three dear folks in my life, and the many others I was fortunate to see and quickly visit.  It’s kind of easy to think of making it a great day after all that!


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Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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