MIAGD: My neighbor, Kate at 93

MIAGD: Make it a great day

My neighbor lady, Kate, 93, from across Shroyer Road, is 40 years older than me; however, she moves around as easily and energetically as I.

I first met Kate when we moved here fifteen years ago. She assumed the two adopted sons, at that time, and the two foster sons were my biological sons. Since we generally only see one another during the warmer seasons, it seems she did not notice the foster sons had departed later that fall.

When No. 3 arrived in 2004, she realized I was an adoptive parent and shared with me that she had adopted her own two daughters who were older than me.

Kate’s sister’s family had been in an automobile accident that took her sister’s life. The two girls, who were four years and a few months old at the time of the accident, were raised by their father and several step-moms for the next three years. When conditions did not improve, Kate and her husband stepped in, took custody of the nieces and adopted them.

Even in the mid-1960s, Kate recognized the eldest child was struggling with grief issues and abandonment. Not only did she receive counseling but Kate went to work at the school as an assistant teacher (what we now call “aides”) to be there for those disruptive moments.

Today, both daughters are happily married and exceptionally grateful for Kate coming to their rescue.

Kate is one ten children and recently lost a sister-in-law at 97, a brother at 94, and her eldest brother at 105. Kate and five of her siblings survive and are in great health and quite active!

I’ve always been impressed with Kate’s active attention to her immaculate landscaping in both her front and back yards.

Several years ago, I contracted with a mowing company so I could eliminate several hours of yard work each week; plus, I had entered my fifties… it was time to relax.

Several minutes after hanging up from discussion with the mowing company I stepped out onto my front porch and was reminded “age” is a matter of the mind.

91 year old Kate was out mowing her lawn.

I humbly returned to my study and canceled the mowing company.

The following summer, Kate’s family convinced her it was time to call the mowing, “quits.” A mowing company was hired. When I discovered this bit of news the mowing company was rehired.

The other evening I stepped from the bus right at Kate’s yard, and spent an hour chatting with her. I later crossed the street, smiling a little bigger, more appreciative for folks like Kate in my life.

Kate is my inspiring reminder to remain active, as well as to continually smile (Kate, and my next door neighbor, Kay, have terrific smiles!), and to always be happy.

Kate always makes it a great day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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