THE FAMILY ALBUM: Joel Monroe Jones

I discovered this genealogical tidbit on my great-great-grandfather, Joel Monroe Jones.


In Boone Township, located on the rural delivery route No 22 out of Alexandria, Mr. Jones is one of the prosperous young farmers and is engaged in the operation of one hundred and twenty-five acres in his home place, and owns considerable other land in this township.

He started out without much capital, did hard work as his preparation for his successful career, and in later years, has come into a plane of quiet prosperity and the esteem of his community.

Joel M Jones was born March 8, 1872, in Monroe Township of Madison County.

His parents were John Henry and Mary M Vinson Jones.

The father was also born in Monroe Township and the Jones family has been identified with this county since pioneer times.  The father was a farmer, owned considerable land, and grew up and was educated in Monroe Township.  He is now deceased and his body was laid to rest in Mt Pisgah cemetery.

There were only two children and the older, William E, died in young manhood.

The mother now makes her home in Alexandria on Lincoln Avenue.

Joel M Jones as a boy attended the Mount Pisgah School and while going to school also worked at home and acquired a thorough knowledge of all the activities of farming.  His schooling was completed in Boone Township.

At the age of twenty-two, he had come into possession of a farm of his own, formerly owned by his grandfather, Joel Jones, who had come to Madison County from North Carolina.

Mr. Jones was married February 3, 1893, to Miss Anna Greenlee.

They are the parents of four children, Henry, deceased; Mary Belle; Alpha; and Harry.

The family attends church at the Christian denomination, and fraternally, Mr. Jones is affiliated with the Improved Order of Red Men Tribe No 149, the Independent Order of Odd Fellows No 475, and the Knights of Pythias Gas Belt Lodge No 361.  He is a Democrat in politics.

His progressive industry has wrought many improvements in his rural home, and he and his family have a comfortable home, and one of the features about the place is the large new barn.

Family line:

  1. Joel Jones
  2. John Henry Jones
  4. Mary Belle Jones Clary
  5. Donna Mae Clary Barmes
  6. Diana Kay Barmes Haas
  7. Darin Lee Jolliffe-Haas


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