MY DAY: Days for Me = DFM

I learned, shortly after adopting my first son, I needed Days For Me DFM.

I learned this from my mother when I was a teenager.  Actually, her “me days” were Friday nights we spent together when I didn’t have a football or basketball game to play for. My grandparents would pick up my younger siblings after school and take them out to their home in the country.

Mother and I would often eat at Friendly’s in Elwood, sitting in an adjacent booth to Paul Simmons, my band director’s father, or at Jim Dandy, or any of Elwood’s nice eateries.

Mother has never been one to give parenting advice but when I began adopting she did encourage me to “take time for yourself.”

And, I did.

A day or two just for me never slighted my sons of quality dad and son time and I never once felt guilty.  I hoped it demonstrated to my sons that they, too, needed time for themselves now and then.

Today, I met up with two of my seniors and two former students (home on college spring break) at The Greene.  We ate a midmorning breakfast at Mimi’s Cafe and then went to see, CALL ME BY YOUR NAME.

I’d seen this movie with a friend and was quite taken with the directing, acting and overall quality of the cinematography.

Then, it was on to South Dayton where I had an interesting lunch, followed by two more movies, WINCHESTER and another viewing of THE POST.

I’d battled a sinus infection for a week and despite being at the doctor the previous day, staying home to relax is seldom restful as I end up working and overtiring myself.

Sitting through three movies was restful.  No dogs vying for my attention. No teenage son coming to ask what I meant about certain yard tasks. I rested my mind and rested my body.

And it felt great.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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