MY DAY: The Girls… 4 years ago

Christmas night, 2013, I returned from a home at the corner of Tylersville and LeSourdville Roads with two little bundles of joy, Bailey and Harrigan.

Four days before, tragedy struck when Chief’s sister and littermate, Navi, was hit right in front of our house.  Those four days were pure hell.  Chief and I snuggled together trying to make sense of this sudden loss that followed on the heels of losing my thirteen-year-old Flyer five months earlier.

That Christmas night, nudged by some students/friends, I journeyed down to the Mason area.

They started out in the laundry basket and as we headed north back to Kettering, they crawled out and I found them sleeping next to my seat in the van.

Chief was loving and tender from the start.  Before heading up to bed that night he rolled on the living room floor as they scampered all over him.

Once upstairs Chief remembered there were two of Flyer’s blankets behind one of the chairs; he brought to the bed a blanket for each girl.


For the next several days, friends came to greet the newest arrivals.  Many of these “arrival photos” were taken by Pati Rogers.




A few days after their arrival, my little piano student, Brianna, started her lesson with sobs over the loss of Navi (she’d also been brokenhearted over Flyer’s death earlier that year).  Brianna reached down to pet Chief when she noticed Bailey had a black heart.

“Mr. Darin, Bailey has Navi’s heart….”

From that day since Bailey’s black heart has been called “Navi’s Heart.”

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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