MY DAY: A bite of winter

I bolted away from my earlier plans to go see THE GREATEST SHOWMAN, but I’ve re-emerged to go see the new Winston Churchill movie, DARKEST HOUR, at The Neon Movies via way of my favorite Mexican eatery, Taqueria on East Third Street.

My sinuses were badgering me a bit this morning and I was hesitant to be out in the wintry mix of rain, sleet, and snow. Coffee, and reading up in my bedroom with snuggly dogs was just the right thing for me.

Once my head was clearer and the nastier weather halted, I hopped on the bus, only for the fluffier white stuff to come pounding down. As we passed through the University of Dayton, Far Hills and Miami Valley Hospital areas, the fluffy white retreated for a clear, but brief, beautiful blue sky over Dayton.

I love my little corner of this restaurant. I’m in a position to be barricaded from the busier foot traffic but still within reach of humanity.

The salsa has a hotter pinch and my sinuses feel a bit clearer.

In the booth before me is a couple on some kind of date, but much more pleasant than the second daters from last weekend.

The guy reminds me of the very liberal professor in ANIMAL HOUSE, portrayed by Donald Sutherland, the late 1960s longer hair, goatee, beige sweater that will probably meet a tweed jacket for later evening festivities.

His date is quite lovely and nothing like the train wreck gal from last week. In their conversation she asked, “Are you delicate?”

Hmmm. Interesting question; I’d thought the same. He claimed to be more manly than he appeared, despite loving to drink tea, watch classic movies, and read classical literature.

Melanie Hamilton Wilkes would have been pleased with this modern day Ashley Wilkes.

Another booth up is a father who resembles Jackie Harris’ husband, Fred, on the television show, ROSEANNE, with two young sons.

I love this guy!

One son is special needs and has had a few outbursts that do not seem to phase the other diners. This dad handles both his sons beautifully: he’s understanding, he’s calm, he’s patient, and despite what most would consider to be frustrating moments, he seems to just love being a dad to these two little fellows.

I heard him say, “I don’t know the sign for taco. We’ll have to ask Mom when we see her.”

This dad is also very engaged with his young sons, talking with them, not at them.

It’s a twisted mix of perception when seemingly good dads don’t always get the credit they deserve for handling their children.

Soon it will be time to head to The Neon Movies for what I hope to be an engaging time spent with one of my favorite historical figures.

It’s a grey winter day with a clump of dampness thrown into the mix. But I’m loving it.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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