MY DAY: Meeting, Musical, Mexican Meal & More

My day promptly began at 7 AM with the usual routine of feeding the dogs and myself, pouring my first cup of coffee, and settling into the day with a few business items.

Around 8:30 AM, my youngest son strolled in having worked a bit over to assist with something. Along with additional pay, he got to select two items from their outstanding bakery. We sat in my study eating our decadent Dorothy Lane Market treats, chatting, laughing, enjoying the animals before he headed downstairs to bed.

By 11:30 AM I was on the bus heading downtown to partake in a noontime Board of Directors meeting before seeing Dare 2 Defy’s very fine production, LITTLE WOMEN.

The 53° weather was perfect for a twenty-minute walk to one of my favorite Mexican eateries, Taqueria Mixtaca on East Third Street. Even when I was not a regular, the friendly service was just as fine as the food.

The temperature, even well past sunset, was very comfortable. I strolled through The Cannery District before heading back to The Schuster Center where I ended up chatting with a fellow board member.

I decided against seeing the musical a second time and wandered about Courthouse Square taking pictures. Actually, I ended up taking photos of families standing in front of the Dayton courthouse Christmas tree. Several families began forming a line thinking I was an official photographer.

Now, I’m on the bus heading back to the comfortable Cape Cod dwelling in Kettering.

I’ve missed my dogs and cats.

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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