MY DAY: From Downtown Dayton to Paris

I loved my Friday!

I left for Watseka, Illinois at 2:30 AM Thursday morning on less than two hours of sleep to visit Mother at the assisted living facility, returned by 4:00 AM to teach until 9:00 PM, and then was still wide awake until midnight.

Friday morning I woke without the fatigue buzz and figured I’d give it my best.

When I stepped off the bus, downtown Dayton, I discovered the bluest sky I’d seen and spent a good hour taking photos.

I lunched at my regular Friday haunt, Liu Gardens Chinese Restaurant on Main Street before heading over to the Dayton Metro Library to work.


4:00 PM I was home and raking leaves in the front yard before taking a 45-minute nap.

After showering and dressing, Nicole Melin and I were headed to The Schuster Center to see the national touring company, AN AMERCIAN IN PARIS.

I’ve not thoroughly enjoyed most of the shows brought in by the Schuster and figured this would be another second-rate production.


The North American tour of AN AMERICAN IN PARIS is outstanding.  I’ve not seen the movie but know the music inside and out.  It’s not a tight book as a GUYS AND DOLLS, but the dancing and scenic designs are breath-taking and unbelievable.  The two leading, lovers danced through every metaphor imaginable.  The scenic design and sets were just as choreographed as the dancers.


What a Friday!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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