SPOTLIGHT: From England & India to The Heights of NYC

The three Melins, Nicole, and her sons, Ian and Beck, my students, got to see just what a typical Saturday with me is like.

We started at Old Scratch Pizza for an early lunch.  I always have a great experience with the food and the service!

While Ian and Beck opted for some time at the new library a few blocks away, Nicole and I settled into very comfy seats at The Neon Theatre to watch the 11:40 AM viewing of VICTORIA & ABDUL.

AD282322-206E-403B-A938-41A253915077-4647-00000183707EEFB1The morning’s weather throughout The Miami Valley was absolutely splendid and VICTORIA & ABDUL never for one moment made me desire to leave the theatre.  The scenic designs, some of which were filmed on location, and severe attention to detail never made me wince once.  The writing, acting, and cinematography never wavered from an immediately established impressive start.

The movie ended at 1:40 PM and the four of us zoomed to another part of town bursting into The Schuster Center with adequate time to grab tickets at will-call and a visit to the (keeping in the British spirit) loo before settling into our seats for IN THE HEIGHTS.

downloadExcept for muddy diction in oft quickly ejected words through rap and frenzied Lin-Manuel fashion it was a good product.  I’d never seen IN THE HEIGHTS nor had I listened to the soundtrack; I can check this off my list.

The cast was strong, the story endearing, the unit set creative and very functional, and the choreography had adequate sizzle but I was expecting a bit more.

The hot humid July Fourth temperature taking place on stage with the Hispanic neighborhood of New York City’s Washington Heights never did reach the audience who was obviously prepared to see the musical, FROZEN.

I had been beckoned by a number of text messages to head over to University of Dayton’s Welcome Stadium for the Bands of America marching band competition, but once I was greeted by my three pooches I was down for the count and spent the remainder of the afternoon and evening reading.

What a fine day it was.  Thank you, Nicole, Ian, and Beck for including me in your day.  I loved it!


About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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