SPOTLIGHT: A journey through Legendale

WATCH: The Human Race Theatre Company: LEGENDALE begins.

I took a journey through Legendale.

And, I really want to go back.

My friend, Bill Impson, will be taking his sixth journey through Legendale this afternoon.

I am very jealous.

Legendale? Ahh!  Yes.  Gather ’round, Folks!  Legendale is an original, contemporary comedy about the power of fantasy.  I’ve not the time to go into the story, so please enjoy the National Alliance for Musical Theatre’s page on LEGENDALE, the musical.

I went to the Legendale Meet & Greet in mid-August to get a peek behind the curtain with the writing/creation, direction, costuming, props, set, technical aspects, and a teaser song.

Photos courtesy of DLJH, August 2017

I was hooked. Sadly, it opened as my fall teaching year was getting underway, and a handful of obligatory items descended upon my private world as friends posted their enthusiastic reactions to the shows they attended. 

My worst fear was that I, knowing absolutely nothing about gaming, would be lost.  Honestly, I had no clue what an avatar is, and still don’t; however, it is a non-issue. 

Legendale, with music by Andrea Daly, lyrics by Jeff Bienstock, story by Jeff Bienstock and Andrea Daly, was cleverly directed by John Simpkins with exceptionally brilliant pacing.

There was not that first moment that I felt, “how much longer will this show go on?”  And I always get this feeling with almost every musical I see because, at some point, pacing becomes a major issue for me due to the way the show is written or someone on the directing team has not zeroed in on those critical moments usually in the middle of the second act, or right before the end of the first act where the audience begins to shift in their seats or begin to place a coughing match set up like a volleyball court throughout the audience.

The cast is outstanding in every way: singing, acting, 3-D, and my god, those damn quick costume changes!  If there were backstage dressers, KUDOS!!!

Photos courtesy of THRTC’s Facebook page…. thank you!

The technical masters of everything that went into this production deserve their own standing ovation.  I had a clear shot of Andy’s desk and there was even an outlet for all the cords. I loved it.

And the crumpled bag of Dayton’s very own, Mikesells potato chips. Yes!

The projections, I believe to be the creation of David Bengali, made this production even more legendary.  For someone who knows so very little (nothing) about this technical arena, I was completely blown away. Bravo!

I could go on and on and on about this production.  I truly wish I was sitting here, writing this appraisal three weeks ago.  Today is the last production.  I cannot attend, but if you are reading this, Sunday, October 1, 2017, do everything in your power to go see this show.

I am eager to follow the growing careers of the creators Andrea Daly and Jeff Bienstock, and especially, actor Max Crumm.

And thank you, Human Race Theatre Company, for believing in, and for bringing NEW MUSICALS to The Miami Valley.


Another “behind the scenes” view of LEGENDALE at The Human Race Theatre Company

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