MIAGD: Cheers to the good doctor

MIADG: Make it a great day

This is my last official day of being 52. At 6:03 PM, Monday evening, Mother will call to officially sound off the starting pistol nudging me into my 54th year.

September 24th has, for many years, been a reflective day as I finish one jaunt around the sun, preparing for the next. It’s never filled with the look back, not really, the look forward. I reflect on the people who were eagerly awaiting my arrival at Mercy Hospital in Elwood, Indiana.

Mother, of course, was there, as was my nervously young father, Danny. My mother’s parents, Leroy and Donna Barmes, were always there. I’m not certain whether or not my uncles, 12 and 10 years old at the time, were there due to the rules against children. My paternal grandmother was listed in the events leading up to Mother’s departure for the hospital but I’m not certain of her participation at my arrival.

And then there was the gentleman I revere on this day each year, my deliverer, Dr. Robert P. Ulrey. What makes this day more memorable in my birth narrative is that it is also the beloved doctor’s birthday.

Mother worked for Dr. Ulrey, and he and his wife, Jean, could not have been lovelier to Mother. All throughout Thursday the 24th Dr. Ulrey kept hoping I’d be born so that we could share birthdays.

It was not to be. However, I always set aside some time on the 24th to celebrate my birthday so I can celebrate it with Dr. Ulrey.

I raise my cup of coffee to the dear man who left this world seven years ago.

September 24th also celebrates the birth of three cousins, Jamie Barmes, Paul Miller, and Jon Miller. My parental grandfather, William Jolliff, born on this day in 1919, I was never to meet until his funeral in 1982.

So here is to the launch of a new journey around the sun, and a cheer to a much cherished gentleman, Dr. Robert P. Ulrey.

Happy birthday, Dr. Ulrey!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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