MY DAY: Ghostlighting & Rejuvinating

I’ve been in creative dry dock for too long.

Teaching is always highly creative but I’ve always needed the directing or writing outlet to keep me afloat. I thought being a work-from-home dad would allow me the luxury of staying active in one of these two areas.

It doesn’t.

There’s always something on the homefront to steal away the much needed, revered creativeness.

I’m finally at that point where I am once again being selfish with my time. When my fourth son set out in 2013 I began restructuring my life to the way it was before I began adopting. However, there had been enough personal changes to slow the process of becoming reoriented with my former life.

Having my fifth son, though 18 years old, still manages to sap spare time for writing. But I’ve been finding avenues to transport myself away from family life at The Haasienda in order to soak in my creative bath.

This morning, after researching some possibilities, I ventured to Ghostlight Coffee Shop on Wayne Avenue. Almost magnificent choice.

I spent five hours researching and outlining on two major projects. The coffee was delicious and the atmosphere absolutely perfect to recharge and ignite the creative fire. I can do the same from home but some domestic need always plays tug of war with my creative bath which is not supplied by Calgon.

The South Park neighborhood is a mixture of rehabilitation of beautiful old homes and some areas not so pleasant. But I did enjoy my strolls.

And there was even an Evangelical United Brethren Church!

Now, I’m on the bus heading to Town & Country shopping center in Kettering to meet my son for Marian’s Pizza.

What a fantastic day!

About Wright Flyer Guy

Darin is a single adoptive father, a teacher, playwright, and musical theatre director from Kettering, Ohio.
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